E-Safety at Lakey Lane 

 At Lakey Lane we encourage our children to be confident and competent users of technology whilst emphasising the importance of keeping safe online.

The teaching of internet safety is incorporated into our new Computing curriculum as well as discreetly taught lessons as part of PSHE. As part of the new Computing curriculum, aspects of e-safety are constantly referred to throughout each unit of work with key points continually reinforced.

Each year we take part in National Safer Internet Day with each class spending a whole afternoon dedicated to ways of staying in control when online. For more information see the 'Special Events' tab.

There are displays in the ICT suite and throughout school which not only showcase the children's work on e-safety but also act as a permanent reminder of ways to stay safe.

As well as the children, we provide our parents with many opportunities throughout the year to develop their computing skills; ranging from beginner courses to internet safety workshops.


If ever there is something you are unsure about - TELL A GROWN UP!

In school - tell your teacher, a grown up you trust, Miss Moyle or Mr Shah.



Click on the icons below for some great websites that are not only fun but will keep you safe as well!


There are some really useful websites for your grown ups to look at too, especially 'Think U Know' and the NSPCC site.      

This website gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

Think U Know - Key Stage 2 


There's even a section on this website for your grown ups!

Think U Know - Key Stage 1

The SMART crew - click on the icon above to join Captain Cara and the SMART crew as they make some important decision to stay safe online.

Let Hacker show you how to stay safe! 



Kidsmart is a funky website and offers lots of great advice on staying safe online. There's lots of information for primary school children - just click on the icon above to start the fun!


This site is for your grown ups and offers some great advice on staying safe online and reasons why it is so important. 


Ask a grown up to help you put the Hector's World Safety Button on your computer. This will mean you can press it if anything makes you scared or unhappy.

You can also call ‘Childline’ on: 08001111 to talk to someone who can help

ICT Skills 

Here is a link to a game that will help you practise your typing skills! It is like a dance mat for your fingers! 

 Click the picture below to play.